ASGARD Advisory serves its clients by improving transaction terms, shortening time-to-success and minimizing management distraction in their strategic and financial transactions. We help our clients identify and evaluate a broad set of actionable strategic and financial options that are in harmony with their goals and needs.  Our team’s backgrounds set us apart from other advisors. Specifically, we have

  • Worked at top-tier investment banks on Wall Street and bring that bulge-bracket expertise to our clients. Collectively, prior to joining ASGARD, our partners have arranged and advised on more than $75 billion in transactions.
  • Held senior management roles at middle-market companies both in the U.S. and Asia
  • Made direct investments in middle-market companies

We believe that our clients deserve an advisor that considers problems and opportunities from their perspective. Our team understands these problems first-hand because we have operated companies ourselves. What differentiates ASGARD is that it strives to identify and execute transactions that make the most sense for the client. We evaluate a business and its goals from the perspective of an operator and, as a result, recommend and execute a solution that aligns with what the client wants.

ASGARD’s partners have invested in middle market companies.  Because we have seen what works over the long term, we understand what gets investors into deals on terms that work for our clients and help avoid common pitfalls that can sink deals (or companies).  We understand that valuation and interest rates aren’t the only way to get the best value in a transaction.

Cultural fit is very important to us.  We are careful to work with companies and management teams that share our values.  We find that this results in more successful outcomes and enables us to create deeper, long-term relationships.





Companies can use capital throughout their lifecycle to accelerate growth; founders and owners can partially or completely monetize what they have built by turning assets into capital.  ASGARD helps clients evaluate the many capital decisions they face.

Types of Scenarios and Forms of Capital


ASGARD can provide its clients advice regarding execution of mergers or acquisitions as well as strategic planning initiatives at the Board level:

  • Assessment of Strategic Objectives
  • Target and Buyer Identification
  • Market Approach and Timing
  • Special Committee Work
  • Negotiation of Structure, Terms and Pricing
  • Managing Competitive Purchase or Sale Process
  • Diligence and Closing

The ASGARD team has deep relationships with a broad network of capital providers, that have been developed over decades rather than just years. This allows us to select and negotiate the best possible financing transaction for our clients.

  • Private Credit Funds
  • Commercial Banks
  • Finance Companies
  • Asset-Based Lenders
  • Mezzanine Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Strategic Investors



The transactions shown below correspond to our partners’ experience at prior institutions.  The successful execution of these transactions is not indicative of future results at ASGARD Securities, LLC.  Furthermore, successful completion of any transaction requires a team of individuals rather than just one person. The partners of ASGARD had the support of other team members in executing each of the transactions shown below.