ASGARD Partners & Co. has been hired by Avadim Technologies, Inc. (“Avadim”), the Bionome Therapies™ life sciences company, to provide strategic and capital markets advisory services.

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Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Avadim is the Bionome Therapies life sciences company. Avadim has created a new health order by eradicating the existing “sick care” approach to deliver true “health care” through topical Bionome Therapies engineered to restore the skin’s natural ecosystem — each with the potential to dramatically enhance the quality of life for a lifetime. People are accepting of today’s standard of care (get sick, treat & repeat) even though it’s inadequate and few companies have stepped up to challenge this simply unacceptable approach that has been in existence for decades. Avadim is the industry leader in delivering true microbiome compliance with effective outcomes. Microbiome compliance ensures the therapy does not negatively affect the colonization of the skin’s microorganisms that human beings depend on to stay alive.

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