Karan Rai | Founder & CEO


Welcome to ASGARD Partners & Co. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our firm.

The world doesn’t need another finance firm. What the world can certainly benefit from, however, is a very different kind of finance firm – one that is focused on changing how we think about business. One that is built on a premise that purpose and profit must coexist for a company to be successful in the long run.

At ASGARD, we take a fresh approach to both our advisory and investments business. We employ three distinct perspectives generated by first hand experiences of our team that allow us to bring unique and valuable insights to advisory engagements and private equity investment opportunities. These distinct perspectives are:

  • Operational Expertise: We have run, turned around, and grown middle market companies both big and small in our roles as Presidents and CEOs
  • Capital Markets Expertise: We have raised billions of dollars in debt and equity for companies as investment bankers at some of the biggest firms on Wall Street
  • Professional Investing Expertise: We have made direct capital investments, both debt and equity, into many companies and achieved above market returns as professional investors at some of the most prestigious investment firms

These multiple perspectives are a real differentiator because we bring experiential, not theoretical, knowledge of all three domains. This applies to whether our advisory business is raising capital for a company or our private equity business is investing directly in a company. We view each transaction from all three perspectives and then design a creative solution.

Typically, bankers are career bankers, investors are career investors, and operating executives are career executives. We’ve assembled a team that merges those three loosely related yet very distinct disciplines into a complete approach to finance and investing. There is an old saying, you can’t lead people to somewhere you’ve never been. We at ASGARD have been there and can be your trusted guides.

We believe that something as simple as an intention can be a powerful disruptor. It is our sincere intention to have an impact, to serve and support entrepreneurs, professional managers, and institutional investors who are building or supporting purpose driven companies and want to make a difference in the world.

We only work with companies that align with our beliefs as outlined in our Ten Founding Truths below. If you believe what we believe, then let’s join forces and make a difference. Welcome to the Realm of Possible. Welcome to ASGARD Partners & Co.


  1. Business is a powerful platform to change the world for the better.
  2. Life is short, create something of real value that needs to exist in this world.
  3. Human potential is near limitless and its boundaries must be explored.
  4. Every day you are faced with situations that challenge you and make you uncomfortable, leaving you with only two choices: step forward into growth or step back into comfort. We choose to step forward every time.
  5. There is no such thing as a work / life balance – it’s all life. We choose to create our life’s work in complete alignment with our personal values.
  6. There is incredible power in authenticity. We make a choice to be completely authentic in all our endeavors.
  7. We take pride in mastering our craft and in our ability to bring reason, logic and deep analysis to solve any problem. We also understand that there are forces we don’t understand and always leave room for intuition.
  8. We always leave it better than we found it. Our “it” is everything we touch.
  9. We believe that where you come from matters most in deciding where you end up. We make a choice to come from a place of wanting to serve and contribute on a massive scale in all we do.
  10. We love what we do, we love why we do it, and we love who we do it with and if one of the above is missing – we don’t do it.



When we invest in a company we commit more than capital. We invest expertise, dedication, a long-term mindset and a willingness to develop and implement value creating strategies. We like investing in businesses where our operational and investing know-how can have a real impact on strategy, operations, and growth.

Most of all, we like working collaboratively with entrepreneurs and management teams to build successful companies that are successful in the real world, and not mirages created by financial engineering.


We provide capital solutions for most scenarios, through a longstanding network of sources, including commercial banks, family offices, high net worth individuals, and institutional investors.

Given the diverse backgrounds of our partners, we are in a unique position to advantageously structure transactions for our clients, advise on optionality, and recommend best course of action. We are an independent firm unencumbered by the typical conflicts of interest often found at traditional investment banks. There is no index for transparency and integrity but we believe their presence is unmistakable.